• Consultation Cost: Each person has different needs and issues. Please contact us about how you can benefit from this service and how much it will cost. You can also reach out to us by filling out the Service Inquiry form below.

    We will never charge you for services that you have not authorized. We proceed only with your approval.

  • Typical First Visit: The average time for your first visit is one hour. You are encouraged to register on-line in order to save time and money: Registration Form .
  • myPillHelp: $125: You can opt for this service. It is provided to you on-line only. There is no face-to-face session. However, our pharmacist is still your provider of care and reviews your information personally. You receive his/her consultation in writing. It is intended to provide you and your doctor(s) with a lot of information quickly. This is the best way for you to learn the truth about YOUR medicines rather than trying to figure out internet information on your own - AND, it is much less stressful.

    Request service by completing this form: myPillHelp.

  • You will feel better. You will worry less. And the overall cost of your care is almost always less!

  • PillHelp Protects!: Our goal is to help you understand your medications, avoid bad reactions, and help you take fewer drugs.

    Our services:

    • Usually result in fewer medications.
    • Help avoid emergency room or hospital visits - surprisingly common.
    • Help avoid physicians office visits.
    • Help avoid suffering - which is the main reason most people reach out to us.

  • House Calls: Most of our pharmacists are willing to make house calls. They may place a distance limit and request an additional charge for doing so.

  • Speaking Engagements and Special Projects: Please contact us.

  • Subscription or Family Rates: We offer both - please contact us.

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