Examples of Care


  Affordable Medication Safety and Waste Reviews - start here: myPillHelp

  Comprehensive Medication Assessments

  • Is over-medication an issue? Do you think that it might be?
  • Are there less expensive medicines that will work as well for me?
  • Are any medications preventing you from feeling as well as you could? How can you know if medicine is interfering with day to day quality of life?
  • Who is available to help answer these questions?

  Disease Management

  • Patient education - Knowlege is the best health insurance.
  • Coaching - for example, to quit smoking, "get off" pain medications, or to improve your medicines for mental or emotional health. A Doctor of Pharmacy can design a plan just for you to help you feel better.
  • Collaboration with physician(s) to manage high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, etc. This can help save you doctor visits or hospital visits and can help you feel so much better.

  Educational Programs: for healthcare professionals, consumers, business functions or social groups

  Help you with bad reactions to medicines

  Nutrition, Weight, and Other Wellness Issues: Call (239) 410-4323

  Hormone Replacement Therapy Management: Male & Female

  Pain Management: avoiding addiction or helping you and your doctor to break addiction while feeling better- a personal and private approach.

  Allergy Issues

  Vitamin and Herb information:

  • Which vitamins work and are safe - Which are not.
  • What side effects can you expect from vitamins or herbs?
  • Which ones are worth the money?

  Patient Advocacy to help you with any medication issues.



  Polypharmacy Consults

  Disease Management

  Hormone Replacement Therapy Management: Female & Male

  Pain Management Care Plans

  Withdrawal Care Plans

  Alternative regimens

  Coordinate medication between multiple practices

  Collaborative practice agreements



  Medication management seminars to help empower team members in handling medications. Studies show fewer sick days when staff members participate in such programs.

  Self-insured companies can save a great deal in healthcare costs when they include medication management services in their benefits package.


  Eliminate avoidable sick days. Improve productivity and team quality of life! Request info. Great return on investment.